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Receiving a diagnosis that your baby will have Down syndrome can be overwhelming. We invite you to contact our organization to offer you support. The following resources are intended to help new or expectant parents learn more about the condition and provide accurate and up to date information about their baby's future. We hope these resources will help families understand how having a child with Down syndrome can enhance the family. 

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Brand New Day click here for Information about the Down syndrome diagnosis.

Testimonials and Inspiration - click here for testimonials and inspirational words from DSAF members, their families, and from others dedicated to assisting individuals and families affected by Down syndrome.

Local and National Resources, Research and Information - click here for information about local and national organizations and support.

Health Care Guidelines
The health care guidelines display a timeline for evaluating potential medical conditions and include typical standards of care. They have been compiled by the American Academy of Pediatrics and were obtained from the website.

Down Syndrome HealthCare Guidelines Birth to 1 month

Down Syndrome HealthCare Guidelines Infant 1 - 12 Months

Down Syndrome HealthCare Guidelines 1-5 Years

Down Syndrome HealthCare Guidelines 5-13 Years

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